Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snuppers so far

My very first attempt at a hand-warmer with a face. He looks like such a little spaz and reminds me of the kids I hated as a camp counselor. He's basically just two doll-shaped silhouettes cut out, sewn together and turn inside out. I stuffed his fingers and hands with polyfill and crammed a mostly shapeless blob of 1 inch foam in his head.

I really don't like this weird little ghoster so I gave him to my mom who does an after-school puppet club with junior high kids.

This is Harry, the second puppet attempted. Kev and I made him a few weeks ago from character design he did for a monster sketch. Harry has no arms and a vicious taste for friendship. Wish he didn't come out so perfectly cylindrical, he looks a little like a trash can though I'm sure I would loose a finger if I mentioned it to him. My room is a god awful mess and you can see tons of other started projects in the background, there is a half skinned head next to harry in the second picture. I'm going to clean up today...

Thaaat's more like it. Kev and I both got copies of the Glorified Sock Puppet Pattern and decided over the weekend to each make a guy. I haven't seen Kev's finished yet, but he is blue and his name is Scram! My fellow has only one arm done and looks kind of like a used car salesman/ Charles Manson but I finally feel like progress is being made. I'm still trying to figure out how to attach arm rods (which would probably be easier if I actually finished his second arm) AND I CAN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIGURE OUT HOW TO MOVE HIS ARMS AND MAKE HIM TALK AT THE SAME TIME.

It comes with practice obviously but I'm still trying to figure out some secret puppet code that Jim Henson has buried with him.
Too soon?

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